I promised my Patrons a brand new original song this month, and I almost broke it. My promise, that is. I had a February that would make you shiver. Brutally cold deadlines and icy mental winds buffeted and blinded me, and nearly drove me off course.

But I sat down tonight and created this song. It’s very rough, but it’s original, a skeleton to flesh out, a bare tree to fill in leaves. Right now I’m not sure what it’s about, I laid down the vocal stream-of-conscious in one take. But you get to hear it, brand new, on the day it was born.

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  1. John, you are on the cusp of something that is very good! It is hard to put into words, but you need about 30 percent more confidence in your voice: if you leave things up in the air in any way, your listener is not convinced you feel what you are singing. You need to let your voice out. [you need to belt it out with true emotion]. I hope that makes sense. Listen to early R.E.M., especially Reckoning. Michael Stipe lets it out in convincing fashion. Let it out!! That’s all you’re missing. Your listener has no choice if they’re overwhelmed with your intense commitment to the emotion of your song. Don’t give them that space to question any part of your beautiful creation.

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