Happy Thought

Moonlight angel
In the dead of night
I hear you cry
Under the cold, endless sky
Will sorrow drown the danger
And you at last unfold your wings and fly
Nevermore to wonder why

Why you were born
To walk forever alone
And known to no one
You can feel it in your bones
The serpent sleeping on your stone
Too deep in darkness to dethrone
You cannot do this on your own

There’s a reason
Heavy rain will fall
Into a life that’s far too small
There’s a reason
Moonlight and lunacy combine
Lupin’s pain made him kind

Do you pretend the voices are not there
Your only choice is to be scared?
Are you the only friend you can find?

There’s something moving in the trees
Cicadas screaming in the leaves

It’s gonna be OK

The world is over-
flowing with shiny things
We all should be happy as kings

But something’s gone
Terribly amiss
We’re not supposed to be like this

Sweet angel put the screen away
Let me look into your face
I see a place we can find our way

Dear angel look into my eyes
And know that I am with you

It’s gonna be OK

Copyright © 2017 John Calvin Kyle IV. All Rights Reserved.

img: Holly Marlin