Goodbye my friend
It’ll be good to sleep again
And soon you’ll see
I’ll be shining on your screen
My words
My name
My face
Everlasting fame
And they
They will see

This is the moment
I’ve waited for
All my life
This is the moment
For me

The moon is cold
Sunbeams are not made of gold
And nothing’s free
But the gift you gave to me
And I burned
On the road to no return
O God, help me

This in my moment
I see whispers
I hear spots and flashes
This in my moment
I see
I see

It’s too late i realize
My selfish lies
My hidden eyes

I fade…
I fall…
I fly…

I float above
I never knew the shapes of love
But now I see
The Goddess of Geometry
And she defies
We revolve around her eyes
The sun, the stars
And you and me

The sun, the stars
And you and me

Copyright © 2017 John Calvin Kyle IV. All Rights Reserved.